Fluffy Dog Comes Back From The Groomer And Becomes The Roundest Fluff Ball Ever

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Grooming is essential for some dog breeds, while it’s totally a waste of time for others. We don’t know if Sesame the dog belongs to the former or the latter category, what we do know is that this little ball of fur was brought by his owner to Yorikokoro groomer in Tokyo, Japan, and became the roundest dog ever.
Needless to say, as soon as Sesame’s photos were posted online, they immediately got people’s attention.
Unfortunately, there aren’t many informations available about Sesame online, so all we know for now is that he is an adorable round ball of fur, so just scroll down and take a look at the adorable photos below.

Meet Sesame

He came back from his groomer in Tokyo, Japan

And became the roundest fluff ball ever

People of the web were obviously amazed by the fluffiness of this little doggo