25 hilarious tweets of people posting their horrible first-world problems

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According to Wikipedia, first world problem is a slang term used to refer to issues in First World nations that are complained about only because of the absence of more pressing concerns.

Twitter is nowadays an inexhaustible source of first world problems, with people ridiculously complaining about trivial things, and @middleclassprob is a Twitter account that earned a following by retweeting the most ridiculous grumbles from people around the world.

People complaining about iPad brightness hurting their eyes, about their car which is not cool enough for their neighborhood and also about pool covers that won’t open properly… Poor guys…

Below you can see a finest selection of first world problems in all their ridiculousness.

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1. Put too much balsamic vinegar on my salad and now I’m dying


2. I just had a cup of tea with soy milk. It was one of the worst decisions I’ve ever made in my life


3. Had to turn down the brightness on the iPad because it hurt my eyes


4. So sick and tired of Apple products


5. Everyone here has a beamer, Lexus, Mercedes, or Range Rover. Staring me down in my Jeep ’cause they know I don’t belong


6. The cleaner didn’t turn up at my flat last week. Hope she comes soon, the bin is almost full.


7. My pool cover won’t open properly, what a drag


8. My wallet is too small.


9. Rather disappointed with my first massage in Indonesia. Not much of a massage but pressure points and fingers grazing. Too soft for my liking


10. No fennel left at the deli. Disaster


11. Just got a splinter in the finger from an avocado stone. Guacamole injury.



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  1. Funny piece, but you need a hyphen in “First-World.” Otherwise, it could read as if this was the first problem with the world that this tweeter ever encountered. The hyphen tells the reader that you need the two words together for it to make any sense.

  2. this people really don’t know what REAL troubles of life are!!! If those silly things are the disaster of the day for them, really they have no idea at all what a disaster in life truly is!!! I am speachless ….

  3. My life, like that of most of the people that I know, is a struggle, but considering the alternative, I’m glad to be alive…I find joy in the small, every day things. I would love to spend a day in the life of one of these spoiled, pompous jerks that seem to have too much money, and not enough common sense. I would personally see to it that little things went wrong for them just so I could watch their meltdown. Lol

  4. Ref Maria – it amazes me that the humour of these tweets bypasses some people alltogether. THEY KNOW THESE AREN’T REAL PROBLEMS!
    If you really don’t get that, the internet probably isnt the best place for you (the real world might not be so great for you either)

  5. I feel sorry for these people they need constant reassurance so they create problems which don’t exist it’s called being needy and it’s pathetic

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