Fed Up With Rude Customers Bar Owner Puts Out A Brilliant Sign, And Things Immediately Got Better

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We all know that things like competition, target market, and expenses, are factors that affect how a certain product is priced, but have you ever seen a product price based on the attitude of the customer? We’ve never heard anything like that until owner of CUPS Coffee & Tea in Roanoke, Austin Simms, came up with a brilliant initiative of sending out a message to the society by pricing his product differently, based on the politeness of the customer. This idea came from a person fed up with rude people, who seem like they don’t give a damn about the bartenders behind the counters. Austin is putting it out there as a reminder that a little effort of saying hello, and please, can make a lot of difference in a worker’s day.

Austin Simms, a coffee shop owner in Roanaoke, NC, was fed up with rude customers, and that fueled his initiative to create a brilliant 3-line message that will deal with it once and for all.

He felt the great need of solving the issue by charging more for those who didn’t take the time and effort to connect with the people behind the counter by saying a simple hello, and asking for their orders politely.

With the few words of this sign, Austin sends society the message that a little effort could make a huge difference.

The sign immediately went viral, and his shop was brimming with media men wanting to get a scoop about the brilliant sign. This is one news that deserves the attention and is surely worth the share.

Austin believes this could start a chain reaction and affect the world by such simple gesture. If you’re a concerned citizen like Austin, let’s help him spread this cause, one coffee cup at a time.

via: instagram.com

via: instagram.com

Watch this video and share this post to take part in this genius drive, and hope to cause a change in the world.