Family Leaves Dog At Shelter Just Because They Are Having A Baby

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When this sweet pitbull’s family decided to bring a new life into the world it almost meant the end of his own life.

In preparation for their new baby’s arrival, a family decided to abandon their pitbull pup Smiley.

The confused and heartbroken dog was left at a shelter where his nervous behaviour got him put on a kill list, despite the fact that he was neither sick nor aggressive.

Olena Kagui

Poor Smiley was just scared and distressed after having lost his family and his home.

Things were looking bad for Smiley; he needed to find a family before his time was up or he’d be put down.

Luckily, a local rescue group called Pound Hounds Res-Q were planning on getting Smiley out of the shelter and off the kill list.

Julie Carner

The only thing that was missing was a suitable foster home, and that’s when Olena Kagui entered the picture.



Julie Carner

A Facebook post describing Smiley’s predicament caught the eye of Kagui.
Something about Smiley spoke to Kagui on a deeper level and his story brought her to tears.

Julie Carner

“I started bawling when I saw that no one in the comments said they could take him. My husband noticed me crying, read the post and said, ‘We can’t get a dog right now.’” Kagui said in an interview with the Dodo.

Once Kagui got her husband on board, Smiley’s fate was finally starting to look brighter.

Olena Kagui

After coming home to Kagui, Smiley was initially nervous and had a hard time relaxing.

He had been betrayed before and could not quite trust that his life was finally changing for the better.

Olena Kagui

But Kagui was patient and bit by bit, day by day, Kagui started to settle down.

His new family noticed that he pulled less at his leash, he slept through the night and he was thrilled to meet other dogs and people at the park.

Olena Kagui

The nervous dog transformed into an affectionate pup who loved everyone around him and Kagui and her husband soon found that they couldn’t bear the thought of handing Smiley over to a new family.

Julie Carner

They realized that they were meant to be even more than his foster family – they were going to be his forever family too.

Now, Kagui and her husband are preparing to officially adopt Smiley. They’re going to make sure that he never has to go homeless or feel unloved ever again.

Olena Kagui

Smiley’s finally found a family who truly loves and cares for him and doesn’t see him as disposable or an inconvenience.

He’s so happy in his new home and can, at last, truly live up to his name.