No question this is the most exclusive hotel room on Earth, and you’ve to see underneath it… WOW!

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The Manta Resort is a hotel located on the island of Pemba, Zanzibar. It’s an amazing place, that leaves its customers at total contact with the nature of one of the wildest places on Earth.

This amazing resort became even more special and exclusive this month, as they opened a new luxury room that is probably one of a kind in the whole world. The room we are talking about is the brand new Manta Underwater Room, designed by Mikael Genberg, that features an incredible underwater panoramic bedroom that allows its lucky customers to sleep with the company of beautiful tropical fishes. In addition to that there’s a beautiful lounge room at sea level and a spacious roof terrace.

Mikael Genberg’s company Genberg Underwater Hotels is planning to open other submerged rooms all over the world and we’ll keep you posted about that.

In the meantime if you are going to plan a vacation in Zanzibar, take a look at the Manta Resort’s website.

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