Engineer Created World’s First AI Powered Cat Shelter That Automatically Takes Care Of 174 Stray Cats

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Stray animals live alone in the streets, with no shelter and food, no love, no humans to cuddle with, not a family to call their own.
Luckily for them, there are still people who try to change their lives for the better, and one of them is Wan Xi, a Chinese computer engineer who created a mechanism that will help stray animals, specifically cats to survive day after day. This initiative will provide food and temporary shelter to cats, as well as identify possible diseases that may be detected via a smart camera.
Interviewed by China Morning Daily, he said it all started as an active effort to give them with a place to stay warm during winter and provide some food that they didn’t have to scrounge for.

His perspective changed especially after he was able to work on the project with some animal welfare experts. It became a collaborative effort to reduce the staggering number of 40,000 stray cats in China who die within their first two years.
The result of Wan Xi’s efforts is the world’s first AI driven cat shelter, that can provides food and comfort to more than 100 felines, identifying them via facial recognition. The shelter temperature is also set at a consistent 27°C. There are food, water and toys. Definitely a safe haven for those that do not have a home to go to.
Also, although it is an AI shelter, a team of volunteers checks the device especially during instances where a more pressing need for attention is needed by the cats. There is also a database that regularly updates and notifies volunteers if there are cats who need medical care.
(h/t: dailymail)

In China, there are over 40,000 stray felines who die within their first two years.

They rely so much on handouts from other people, or scrounging on their own to survive.

Wan Xi, a computer engineer based in Beijing came up with an AI powered machine designed to help these strays.

He designed a shelter to somehow help reduce the mortality rate.

He made sure there were going to be food, toys, and the right temperature to keep the felines warm during winter.

Here’s one cat, who was sniffing around trying to figure out if it is indeed a proper refuge.

Here’s another cat getting comfortable, especially with just the right temperature settings.

At least now, these cats have a place to go when they’re in need.

Watch the entire video of Wan Xi’s creation below. Even if it’s in Chinese you can pretty easily figure out how it works.