Elderly Woman Reunites With Her Lost Cat Four Years After The Earthquake That Separated Them

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Some bonds are unbreakable.

Four years ago, a destructive earthquake struck central Italy and left more than 4000 people homeless.

One of those people was an elderly woman named Dora, who shared her home with her beloved kitty.

When the earthquake struck, Dora had to flee her home before it came crashing down.

But the earthquake didn’t just rob her of her home; it spooked her sweet cat who ran away in fear and disappeared without a trace.

Poor Dora was absolutely heartbroken to have lost her cat and her family did their best to console her.

She feared that she would never get to hold her furbaby again, but she never gave up hope.

For years, Dora kept hoping that her sweet kitty would return to her, but with every passing year, it seemed less and less likely.

But then, after four long years, something amazing happened.

After being gone for four years, Dora’s kitty suddenly returned home.

Dora’s deepest wish was finally coming true and she was overjoyed.

The kitty was so happy to have finally found its way home and the pair lovingly touched foreheads as they celebrated their reunion.

Finally, the hole in Dora’s heart had been filled.

She radiated pure love and happiness as she caressed her beloved cat, and her kitty could barely contain his joy and affection.

Their deep bond had survived their painful separation and had brought them back together again.

Their beautiful, strikingly moving reunion was immortalized on film, and it’s such a joy to watch.