Donkey Gives A Big Smile To The Rescuers Who Just Saved Him From Flood

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When a donkey was rescued from a flooded field in Ireland, his rescuers were rewarded with a big smile.

The poor donkey had gotten itself stuck due to a river overflowing and flooding the land.

A storm had damaged the donkey’s stable and allowed him to escape, but his adventure in the wild soon turned into a nightmare when he found himself trapped in the cold water.

Luckily, Suzanne Gibbons, founder of Animal Heaven Animal Rescue, quickly came to the rescue.

She called Mike Fleming, a member of the local rowing club, and with the help of his boat, a small team of rescuers managed to tow the donkey to safety.

When he realized he was finally safe, the Donkey almost seemed to thank his rescuers by giving them a big smile. Needless to say, the joyful expression on the Donkey’s face was contagious, and his rescuers bursted into laugh too.

After being rescued, a smile appeared on the Donkey’s face.


His smile was contagious, spreading to his happy rescuers.


Mike Fleming provided the rescue boat that was used to save the donkey.


The donkey was later named “Mike” to honour Mike Fleming’s support.


Mike-the-donkey was pulled to safety with the help of a life-saver and a rope.


Afterwards, he was kept warm and toasty back in his home.