Dog Was Getting A Human Sister, So Her Dad Built Her A Tiny Room Under The Stairs

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When Molly’s family were expecting a baby, her human dad, Michael McGowan, decided to make her a room of her own.

With a new baby in the house, it would be nice for the little Westie to have some space just for herself.

Her dad figured that the unused space under the stairs could be put to better use by being turned into a little doggy room.

McGowan documented the transformation on Bored Panda, and we are impressed by the result.

With the help of a contractor, he managed to turn the empty space under the stairs into a proper dream room for little Holly!

Turning this…

…into this, wasn’t easy.

But it was worth it to make this little girl happy.

To start with, McGowan had to make sure that there actually was empty space under the stairs.

Luckily, there was, and the cutting could begin.

Molly liked her new room from the start. But it was about to get much better.

Some plaster, some wallpaper.  Step by step everything fell into place.


While her daddy handled the tools…

…Molly handled the supervising.

And made sure the space was play-friendly.

The doggy wallpaper was contrasted with a few classy stone-look walls

The outside got some attention too. Can’t have a fancy dog room with a sad-looking entrance.

Soon, all that was left to do was adding the final touches.

Molly was more than ready to trade up from her basic dog house in the garden.

Molly’s new room looked great. It had a cozy bed…

…colour changing lights…

….a toy basket, a hanger for her harness, a fluffy rug, …

… pictures of Molly and her friends …

…and even her very own doggy-sized couch!

After getting a new room and a new sister, Molly couldn’t be happier.

That’s one lucky dog!