Dog Walker Shares Photos Of The ‘Packs’ He Walks Everyday, And They Are Adorable

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Being a part of a peaceful and supportive community is the ultimate dream for most homeowners. In Saratoga Springs, New York, dogs are actively helping in developing the sense of community of a neighborhood. It all started when New York’s Saratoga Dog Walkers offered the opportunity for the neighborhood’s local dogs to walk together as a pack, and it became a part of the daily routine of almost every dog in the community.
The dog walkers started to document their daily walks on Instagram, sharing adorable group photos of the packs, and needless to say, these pictures are winning the internet.
Making your dog walk in a pack is very helpful for his health, as it makes him exercise and socialize with other dogs, while developing a strong sense of community. Saratoga Dog Walkers helped the community in raising well-behaved, happy, healthy, energetic, and well-rounded dogs. Take a look at some of our favorite picks, and if you want to see more of their daily adventure, take a look at Saratoga Dog Walkers’ Instagram page.
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