Dog Tied Up Outside A Store Was Waiting For His Owner, Then A Stray Dog Came To Set Him Free

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Dmitriy Timchenko and a friend witnessed a touching, and quite amusing, moment when they were visiting a local store in Novorossiysk, Russia. A local stray dog that Timchenko usually saw wandering around the area came upon a pit bull who was tied to a pole outside a store.

The pit bull’s owner went inside the store, leaving the dog outside tied to the leash to keep him safe while he went shopping. However, the stray thought the pit bull had been abandoned.

The stray proceeded to help the pit bull by untying him from the fence. According to Timchenko and his friend, it was an adorable moment, and they posted on Instagram a video of how it all unfolded.


The stray dog continued on his mission to free his newfound friend, as he pulled and tugged. Finally, he was able to loosen the knot with a proud look on his face. Then, the confused pit bull was urged by the stray to start following him.

At this point, Timchenko and his friend intervened, fearing that the pit bull could get lost. They went into the store and found the owner, helping her retrieve her dog.


While it was all just a big misunderstanding, witnessing the adorable exchange makes you appreciate animals and their pure hearts.


Watch the video below