Dog Stole Owner’s Dentures While He’s Asleep, And The Result Is Hilarious

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Even if we think we know our dogs so well, we should keep in mind that they always retain a certain amount of unpredictability.
We must be careful of the things we leave around, because they could stimulate our dogs’ curiosity and we could find them in hilarious situations.
That’s exactly what happened to Maggie, Twitter user Eunice’s dog.
When Eunice’s dad left his dentures on the bedside’s table, he couldn’t even remotely imagine that Maggie would have been intrigued by them at the point to steal and accidentally wear them like a dog with a full set of fake human teeth.
The picture Eunice and her dad took when they found out who stole the dentures are hilarious and scary at the same time, and needless to say, they instantly went viral as soon as they were shared on Twitter.

Meet Eunice, the Twitter user who shared her dog Maggie’s hilarious denture adventure

While Eunice’s dad was sleeping, Maggie stole his dentures

And the pictures they took of her are just hilarious.

Even if they all had a good laugh when they say Maggie with her new dentures, we must point out that she look far better without fake human teeth

She’s pure cuteness overload

Needless to say, people were quick to deliver hilarious replies.