Dog Reunites With His Favorite Toy After His Family’s House Was Destroyed By Australian Fire

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The Australian wildfires are leaving destruction in their wake and causing immeasurable grief.

In these dark times, it feels important to take a second to find happiness even in small victories.

This sweet pup recently lost his family home due to the fires; the house burned down completely, leaving nothing to be salvaged.

At least, that’s what they thought. But while searching the rubble, this puppy made a heartwarming discovery.


While the Zagami family investigated the remains of their old house, looking for anything that could be saved, their golden retriever, OJ, discovered something that made him very happy.

Though the fire first appeared to have destroyed everything in the home, one important item had been spared.

OJ discovered that his favorite toy had miraculously survived the fire.


OJ was so happy that his favourite plushie had survived.

It was such a sweet and happy moment on an otherwise sad and disheartening day.

The pure, innocent joy he feels over being reunited with his toy is evident and it’s impossible not to feel that joy echo inside of us when we look at him.


After 7News Melbourne captured the heartwarming images, the news spread across the internet.

WeRateDogs posted about OJ and his plushie and the tweet quickly went viral.

Many people appreciated this glimmer of happiness and sent their love to OJ and his family.

Multiple people, pups and pets expressed their love for OJ

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Some even offered to send OJ more toys.

 And shared pictures of their own well-loved toys

And shared pictures of their own well-loved friends.


not my dog

Sometimes, something as small as a plushie can inspire joy and hope in more people than you could ever imagine.

We’re all so happy that OJ found some comfort in the return of his little friend and we find the warm and compassionate online response very uplifting.

It’s heartening to see such an inspiring display of love, positivity and camaraderie in these trying times.