Dog Owner Walking His Pup Finds Hot Dog Pieces Containing Nails Scattered On The Ground

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In Rhode Island, a local resident made a horrible discovery while out on a walk with their pup.

The person discovered that someone had cut up several hot dogs and laced the pieces with nails, before strewing them across several lawns.

This horrible attempt to kill or injure animals by tricking them to eat nails was promptly reported to the police, and the Newport RI Police Department has posted a warning on their Facebook to all local dog owners, and urge anyone with information pertaining to the case to contact them.

Newport RI Police Department

Thankfully, it seems like no pups have been harmed.

And, The Rhode Island Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is now offering a 1000$ reward for anyone with information which results in the conviction of whoever is behind this.

Hopefully, this means that this cruel person will soon be found and charged.

The vicious act has naturally left many people horrified and outraged.

Let’s hope they find whoever’s responsible soon.