Something Really Special Happens When You Cover Half Of This Dog’s Face. This Is Just Amazing!

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This dog’s name is Braveheart and he has a very particular feature. Braveheart is part husky and part labrador, but he is not like any of the other mixed breed dogs you’ve ever seen before.

In fact, this dog has a very particular genetic composition, and seeing the following pictures you will exactly understand what I mean.

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This is Braveheart, and at a first sight you can notice that the two halves of his face are slightly different, but there is more…


… If you take each half of Braveheart’s face and simply mirror it, you’ll notice that you can form two very different dogs (a husky and a labrador) from each half!


This characteristic is called “chimerism”, a particular genetic composition that gives the animal a different set of genes for each half of its face.

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