Kind Dog Caught On Camera Bringing His Sick Brother His Bed To Make Him Feel Better

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It’s never easy to see someone you love ill or suffering.

You’d do anything to make them better, and when you can’t, you feel helpless.

So just imagine how this sweet pup felt when his beloved brother fell ill with an infected ear which left the poor pup deeply uncomfortable.

Jackie Rogers

When Roman’s ear first started looking infected, his and his brother Spanky’s pet mom took him to the vet, who diagnosed him with a hematoma. That is, a collection of blood outside the blood vessels.

A surgery was scheduled to get Roman’s ear back in tiptop shape, but while he waited for the day of the surgery to come around, his ear kept on getting worse and worse.

Jackie Rogers

Spanky, who has always looked up to his brother, slowly began to notice that something was wrong.

As Roman’s ear grew worse, Spanky’s concern for his brother grew, and their mother noticed a drastic change in Spanky’s behaviour.

Spanky became extra sweet and gentle and treated Roman with a very soft touch.

Jackie Rogers

He was clearly very concerned about Roman’s wellbeing, and he wanted to stay by his brother’s side as much as possible.

During a 20-minute return visit to the vet, Spanky became incredibly distressed when he wasn’t allowed to accompany his brother inside.

“Spanky sat in the car crying/whining/barking until Roman got back,” Spanky’s aunt, Jackie Rogers, told The Dodo.

Jackie Rogers

After Roman finally received his surgery, he required lots of rest to recover.

Spanky was still worried about his brother and kept up his sweet and gentle behaviour as he carefully watched over Roman.

And one day, while checking in on the pups through a camera the family has set up in order to be able to watch over the pups when they’re home alone, Rogers saw something amazing.

Roman, still tired and recovering from his surgery, had slumped down on the floor to take a nap.

But Spanky looked concerned. He did not think that his brother was comfortable sleeping on the floor and he was desperately eager to help him somehow.

And then, Rogers watched in awe as Spanky walked over to the dog bed and started dragging it towards his exhausted brother.

Jackie Rogers

After that, the camera showed the two pups snuggled up together on the bed, where they remained until the family came home some hours later.

Jackie Rogers

Roman is lucky to have a brother who understands him so well, and who is ready to do everything to make him feel better.

The sweet clip of Spanky caring for Roman has melted many hearts, and people are now praising him online.