Dog Abandoned At Gas Staton Becomes An Adorable Full-Time Employee

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If you happen to drop by a Shell gas station in the town of Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil, there’s a great chance you’ll be greeted by Negão, the adorable dog who’s a full-time employee at the gas station. Negão is certainly enjoying his job as a greeter, and he never forgets to wear a big smile whenever he’s on duty. However, before this blissful opportunity knocked at his life, he was once just a poor pooch abandoned at the gas station. Being too frightened to leave, Negão wandered around the site until he was found by Sabrina Plannerer, owner of the Shell gas station. His life then took a major turnaround when Plannerer and her partner decided to adopt him, provide him with all the care he needed, and “hire” him to work full-time at the gas station. (h/t)

This is Negão, the happy greeter of a Shell gas station in Mogi das Cruzes, Brazil.

Negão was once abandoned by his previous owners at the gas station but he’s already moved on from his awful past after he found himself new owners who will forever be his family.

His new family took very good care of Negão. They got him a home, had him vaccinated and dewormed, bought him food, and a leash to take him on walks.

But the best part is that he was “hired” by his owners as a full-time employee at the gas station. As a proof, he even has his very own employee badge. And just like a regular employee, Negão has breaks and he spends them with his owners or co-workers who take him for a walk around town for some exercise.

Negão gained popularity in Brazil, and is now one of the faces of the local Brazilian charity, Grupo FERA whose advocacy leans towards respect for animals. Negão sure is making the best out of his life by bringing joy to the customers and to all the people around him.