Dennis Quaid Adopts Shelter Cat Named ‘Dennis Quaid’: “I Just Couldn’t Resist”

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When actor Dennis Quaid heard about a shelter cat in need of a home, he knew he had to adopt the adorable furball; it simply had his name on it.

Like, literally.

The black little cat, who was living in a shelter in Virginia, had been given the name “Dennis Quaid” and when Quaid himself heard about this, he just couldn’t resist adopting his little namesake.

Gordon Correll

Dennis Quaid (the human) is a great lover of animals and is the co-host of the podcats The Pet Show, where he and his co-host Jimmy Jellinek delve into a myriad of interesting pet-related topics.

When Dennis Quaid and his team reached out to the Lynchburg Humane Society and inquired about adopting the little cat, they could barely believe it.


It took some time to convince the staff that this was really happening, but eventually, Quaid and his team were able to prove that they were who they said they were.

Dennis Quaid the Human and Dennis Quaid the Cat then got together over Zoom for a little pre-meeting.

Shortly after that, Dennis Quaid the Cat made the move from Virginia to California.

Now, Dennis Quaid and Dennis Quaid are very happy together, and Dennis Quaid even set up a little Instagram page for Dennis Quaid.

Phew. That was a lot of “Dennis Quaids!”


The little cat has also made friends with his new feline brother, George.

He’s very pleased with his new wonderful family and is very excited about what life has in store for him.

People have been delighted by this story and are very happy for both Dennises.