Curious study calculates the “average” female face for each country

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In a recent study, researchers from the Scottish University blended and aligned thousands of photos of women from 40 different countries to calculate the “average” face for each nation.

The resulted images are surprisingly beautiful, as aligning and blending numerous images the most part of imperfections is inevitably removed.

Truth be told the study used pictures of young women, that’s why the final images portray some well-above-the-average beauties.

The interesting thing about this study is that looking through the different photos you can really distinguish all the physiognomic peculiarities that make each population different from the other.

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Screen-shot-2013-09-23-at-9.37.25-AM Screen-shot-2013-09-23-at-9.37.38-AM


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        • But most importantly, what happened to, err… Scotland!

          (And I’ve never heard of “The Scottish University” – there is Heriot Watt, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Edinburgh, St. Andrews, Aberdeen. Possibly more – I went some years back. (Wife adds: University of the West of Scotland/Paisley, Abertay Dundee, Queen Margarets – in fact, there are 15 different universities in Scotland!) Two were founded before “The Americas” was even discovered!)

          • Total agree… was going to post the sane thing…. Being Scottish the first thing I would do is scottIsh gals. I mean we gotta seriously undo the susan Boyle damage.

        • Easy answer to that. Because the USA is a mix of all the above and no one is indigenous to the USA except the native Indian nations and it doesn’t look like they were included in this study. There is no average face in the USA because it includes many people of different ethnicities to do so. So, if you are white in the USA, see France, Germany, England, etc. If you are black in the USA, see Chad/Cameroon, Ethiopia, South Africa, West Africa, if you are anything else, you already knew to check your home country or region.

          • Brazil is just as much of a melting pot as the United States, and it was still included. I am presuming the USA’s exclusion might have more to do with the simple logistics of the study. Canada and Australia were also excluded. There are quite a bit of countries that weren’t included, so it is far to say it was likely just a matter of time and resources.

          • Although you’re well informed, your comment doesn’t apply here if ethnic diversity is your main argument. The USA may be composed of various ethnicities, but It’s easily just as diverse a country like Argentina, which is prominently displayed. Argentina had a flourishing slave trade, bringing in elements from the Philippines, Africa, and Asia. There are also whole demographic groups not covered here, like the huge minority of black/whites, otherwise known as mulatos (although the term isn’t deemed politically correct). To simply say “if you’re german, look at Germany” doesn’t apply either, as most people in the USA aren’t even sure of what they are, often resorting to a haphazard “percentage” of their bloodlines. To see a display of the USA would be totally interesting, but the fact that it doesn’t exist in this display may actually show the fallibility of the study’s findings at the least.

        • We are a mixure of the other countries. No one in our country is 100% any ethnicity anymore except some immigrants and Native American people that’s why no USA.

    • It is a fact that the more averaged a face is the more attractive the person is to us, because when you “average” something out you end up making the extremes none existent and end up with a perfectly proportional face which has been known to look more attractive even to babies who prefer looking at proportional faces (this fact is also found in psychological theories of attraction).

      • Settle down Ashley. The averaging effect you are talking about appears to be present in these photos.

        However researchers like to use the words ‘tends to’ or ‘is correlated with’ as opposed to ‘It is a fact’ because there is still a lot of research being done in this area. All the factors at play have not yet been identified.

  1. I would send you a picture with my self to see that I am not even close to that image,and even the average people from my country..:).. I am from Romania,by the way my opinion a face is not a norm ,definitely are some caracteristics in the faces of people,but this is not because of their cultural environment but probably because of its genetics and mixtures,shure you’ll see more blonds in Germany,netherlands,rusia,or England and you’ll see more black people in African ,Arabia,India,…in my opinion we can’t give a general idea about how a nation face is…I am living in Uk ,but I haven’t seen this average face on the street to be honest…I have seen nice faces and not that nice faces in both countryes ,but to generalize this face ,I think is too much..but in other way,it took you some work…

  2. Umm…..

    *Samoa is in the list

    And I greatly want to touch on the subject of “Average” lets use the stereotypical number average of teenage males. 1-10 10 is MOST AMAZINGLY GORGEOUS EVER! and 1 being RATHER DIE THEN MATE WITH.

    this group of photos is AVERAGED! so in other words what is 10 + 9 + 8 + 9 + 5 + 2 + 9 + 8 + 5 + 5 + 7 + 3 + 4 + 8 + 2 + 9 + 1 + 4 + 10 + 6 = 124/20 (20 different “girls”)

    average all that and your average “hotness rating” would be a 6.2… now most of these pictures are some pretty good looking women i would rate most of these photos as at about a 7-8. so what they do is take photo imaging software mixed with ALOT of math and average out the similar traits each of these girls have. high cheek bones, nose size, eye size and color, hair color, facial symmetry, etc. then they MUSH it all up into one face.

    so what this all is saying is that of all the girls included in the study, ON AVERAGE they had at least one of these features in these faces, if not looked very similar to these faces. lolz and I am really not being rude but about 99% of these faces are average in my opinion. good looking yes. very pretty yes. but everywhere i have lived “pretty” is the norm and the average. most places i have lived the MAJORITY of women walking around town that i have seen I would consider dating or mating. im saying 70%-80% of women and girls where i have lived have been very pretty…

    • I would agree on that. People are generally very beautiful. Stress and any other distractions in our everyday life has done enough so that we foresee the beauty of average people.

  3. Africa is a CONTINENT! Why didn’t you take a composite of actual countries INSIDE of the continent of Africa. This is B.S. to even say that there are only 4 faces in Africa! These scientists were LAZY.

  4. It’s an interesting theory, and cool to think about, but that’s all, really. I would like to point out that they did state in the little blurb above the pictures that because of blending the thousands of pictures together, none of the faces have flaws. Also, yes, Africa is a continent, but there are nations within said continent. If they were to make faces for all of Africa, they would have to do so for all of Europe, and everywhere else in the world. Assuming that their team was only made of a couple people, that would have taken a ridiculously long time.

    Anyhow, they’re all pretty, and the concept leads to curiosity. Perhaps if you wanted to see the ‘average female face’ of your country, you could make it yourself.


  5. Many comments point out that these supposedly “average” faces are more beautiful than the typical woman and question whether the study took a random sample of women.

    But, there’s already a perfectly good explanation: if you consider that there are hundreds of facial features (symmetry, nose, lips, chin, cheekbones, and so forth), you can expect most people to deviate greatly from average in at least one feature.

    The very few people who win a perfect average value in every feature of their face in the genetic lottery, studies find that other people consider these “perfect average” people more beautiful, and such people have a shot at a career in modeling.

  6. Also, this isn’t science in my opinion, it is art. Don’t get me wrong, it’s cool to look at, but if i were to see it in print, I believe it’d be at a gallery.

  7. “Average” does not mean “typical”. These faces represent combinations of many faces. All the asymmetries, blemishes and quirks are smoothed away, resulting in a beautiful effect. That doesn’t mean that these faces represent normal faces that one would expect to see in real life.

  8. I think this is a very useless but nice way to kill time piece of work,

    They give nothing but a tiny evidence on racial looks. They all look like the same person (almost!)

  9. Interesting article, but where is the link to the research? Or at least information like who the researchers are and where I can find more information?

  10. I agree Jay. The revived “scientific” trend to create racial differences is pretty scary.

    The list is also arranged *roughly* lighter – darker skin. 🙁 Race is a social construct. There is only one human race, and supposedly “scientific” enterprises like this do the world a disservice.

  11. Can anyone share the specifics of how to do Photoshop layer blending (modes and opacities)to do a multi layer stacking like this? Email me at frankgross(at)gmail(dot)com please

  12. I found really interesting and I was able to guess my own country average girl before reading it, but And

    what about men????????

  13. The average Philippine woman doesn’t look like that. That’s a Filipina mixed with Chinese blood/roots. The average Filipina is tan, sometimes chinky or wide eyed with Malay roots. Kinda like this:

    or this

    Don’t be fooled with what the media shows you. Most Philippine celebrities had gone under whitening/under the knife.

  14. Why are India and South India classified differently?
    Sorry but it’s seems like an Asian person who isn’t born and bred in India but may have ancestral link, has had a hand in this project on faces.

    Anyone who is still connected to India or has lived there for a fair amount of time – particularl in urban areas – will tell you that, south India is neither a subcategory nor a subset of India.

    Also, the northeastern part of India is populated by millions of people who look more like the Thais or the Tibetans. Those behind this endeavour obviously didn’t think about it.

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