Couple Custom-Builds A Giant Bed So They Can Sleep With All Of Their 8 Rescue Dogs

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Many dog owners are used to share their bed with their pups, but things can get a little bit harder when you have 8 dogs in your family. This is why Chris and Mariesa Hughes, who run a national senior dog rescue program, The Mr. Mo Project, and live with their 8 full-grown rescue dogs, had the brilliant idea to build a custom bed that could comfortably accomodate all of them.
The couple asked a local artisan, Michael’s Custom Interiors, to create a giant bed that could fit their needs. It took six months to build the 13 ft long by 8 ft wide bed. The attention to detail the artisan put into his work is remarkable, as the bed includes a stair for the smaller dogs of the pack, and Michael even carved paw prints of his own senior dog into the banisters.

Here is the ‘pack’ formed by Chris and Mariesa Hughes’ 8 rescue dogs.

Chris and Mariesa run a national senior dog rescue program, The Mr. Mo Project.

They needed a bigger bed that could accomodate all of their furry friends, so they asked Michael’s Custom Interiors to make a giant one for them.

According to studies, sharing a bed with pets can improve the owner’s health, and if that’s true, the Hughes should be the healthiest family ever.

Michael, the artisan who created the bed, even used paw prints of his own senior dog to carve this adorable detail into the banisters.