Corgi Butt Pants Are A Thing Now, And Dog Lovers Couldn’t Be Happier

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Good news for all the dog lovers out there, you can wear Corgi Butt Pants from now on. Don’t you just love it when a brand produces clothes or toys of your favorite movie or TV characters? Star Wars, Game of Thrones, Superman, you name it. But it’s not common for specific dog breeds to have their own merchandise, at least until now.
Inspired by her love for the breed and for her very own Corgi, Nugget, Joreel Siegel-Benniks has opened up an Etsy shop selling Corgi products for Corgi addicts.
“I’m a Corgi mum who has fallen head over heels with this breed, and especially with our own little Corgi girl: Princess Nugget.” Siegel-Benniks wrote on her Etsy shop. The shop is filled with Corgi products like mugs, tote bags, pillows, onesies, and now, even Corgi butt pants.
Princess Nugget is a 1-year-old Corgi from Paris, France. She’s going to turn two on May 5 this year. If you want to see more of her daily adventures check out her Instagram!

PrincessNuggetShop on Etsy sells Corgi Butt Pants and it’s the cutest thing ever.

Princess Nugget the Corgi

Leggings are the comfiest pants and every woman needs a pair of leggings.

These corgi butt pants take comfy to a whole new level of adorable!

According to the PrincessNuggetShop, these polyester/spandex leggings are made of comfortable microfiber yarn and they swear they will never lose their stretch. These pants come in two colors: teal blue and black.

Definitely a must-have for Corgi lovers out there.