Cops Take Shelter Dogs On Rides Around Town To Increase Their Chances Of Adoption

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While most people share posts on social networks as way of helping dogs in need of adoption, this police department in Nebraska takes helping animals to a whole new level.
Nebraska’s La Vista Police Department came up with K9 For a Day, an initiative that allows dogs from their local shelter, Nebraska Humane Society, to become a K9 dog for a day and go around town with a officer, in order to increase their chances of adoption.
The decision take dogs out regularly was taken when their first ride along with Mickey, a bully breed, turned out to be a success. Mickey managed to charm everyone in the community and was actually adopted a few days after his ride around town.
According to their Department Captain, Officer Bryan Waugh, aside from helping these dogs get away from the stress of shelter life, K9 for a day is also great for their department. The addition of a dog during their patrols sparks people’s interest, and helps cops to interact with the community, strengthening ties among the uniformed men and the locals.

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A Police Department in Nebraska takes helping animals to a whole new level.

They established K9 For a Day, where they take a shelter dog out during their patrol to increase his chances of getting adopted

Their first successful attempt was when Mickey, a 6-year-old Bull Terrier, was Officer Jeanette’s K9 for a day

Mickey joined Officer Jeanette during his patrol.

He charmed kids…

…and adults alike.

Officer Jeanette thanked Mickey for the day with a manly handshake.

They let people know he was available for adoption, and a few days later, a couple adopted Mickey.

Watch Mickey’s day as a K9 in the video below.

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