Cop Smashes Window To Save Dog Dying In Hot Car, And Owners Get Angry With Him For Damaging The Car

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Summer is here, at least in the northern hemisphere, and with summer comes the heat.

And while many of us enjoy the warmer weather, the hot sun can quickly become a death sentence for any animals who find themselves locked in a hot car.

It’s never advisable to leave your pet unattended in a car, and in summer it’s especially dangerous, as the heat in a parked car can spike very suddenly and reach 120°F (48°C) in just a matter of minutes.

In Plymouth, an irresponsible family did not give this fact a second thought as they left their poor pup locked in their car during a hot day.

The dog was left struggling for breath in the hot car and had been locked in the car for over three hours when police arrived at the scene.

Charles Cross Police Team

The police promptly smashed the car window in order to rescue the frantically panting pup. They then handed the pup over to the RSPCA for a thorough medical examination.

When the family returned to their car, after hours of shopping, they were upset at the sight of their smashed car window.

The family was angry with the police for damaging their car, but it was explained to them that the dog’s life had been in danger and that the police had every right to break the window.

Charles Cross Police Team

At the end of the day, a life is worth more than any window, and any dog owner should know better than to leave their dog unattended in a parked car.

Luckily, this little pup survived, but every year multiple dogs die due to overheating in cars, and these tragedies are completely senseless and avoidable.

We’re so happy that the police were able to save this little furbaby and we’re sure they’re its new heroes.

Though the car owners were upset, everyone else is in full support of the police’s decision to break the window.