Clever Dog Escapes To McDonald’s And Pretends To Be A Stray In Order To Get Free Burgers

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This clever pup came up with the perfect plan to get her paws on the McDonald’s burgers she craved so much: she simply pretended to be stray and appealed to peoples’ sense of compassion.

The pup, named Princess, started spending her nights hanging around a McDonald’s in Oklahoma and begging people for a taste of their burgers.

Plenty of kind, unsuspecting customers fell for Princess’s ruse, took pity on the “stray” dog and shared their meal with her.

The jig was up, however, once Princess approached the wrong car: her owner’s.

When her pet-mom Betsey Reyes figured out where her pup kept escaping to, and why, she took to Facebook to expose Princess’s devious ways to the public.

Betsy Singh Reyes

Of course, people found Princess’s scheme hilarious and her story quickly got popular online.

And McDonald’s, keen to assist Reyes with her misbehaving little scammer, gave the pup her very own McDonald’s collar – cleverly equipped with GPS so Reyes can keep track of the sneaky pup.

Betsy Singh Reyes

The night Princess’s burger-scheme came crashing down around her has luckily been immortalized on camera and the hilarious moment when the pup recognizes Reyes and realises that she’s been busted is just too funny.

Enjoy watching this adorable scammer get caught in action: