Chihuahua Who Can’t Walk And Pigeon Who Can’t Fly Become Best Friends, And Their Photos Are Adorable

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Because of their differences, these two friends may raise some eyebrows, but their beautiful friendship perfectly demonstrates that it’s what’s in our hearts that matters – not how we look on the outside.

Herman is a pigeon and Lundy is a chihuahua, and they have recently become best friends.

The two friends are both residents of The Mia Foundation which is an organization that specializes in caring for animals born with birth defects. They’re a non-profit and rely on donations to continue their lifesaving work.

Lundy is thought to suffer from hydrocephalus, a congenital disorder that can lead to brain damage and seems to affect small dogs, like Lundy, more often than larger breeds.

Due to his illness, Lundy has lost the use of his hind legs.

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Herman is a wild pigeon who came to The Mia Foundation in 2018 when he was “on death’s door” and has since become a permanent resident of the rescue centre.

Herman can’t fly, but he’s an excellent cuddler, something Lundy discovered when he first came to the centre.

The Mia foundation posted a video of Herman taking the foundations newest resident under his wing and giving him a cuddle, and it quickly went viral.

People are in love with the couple’s unique friendship and how caring Herman seems.

It can’t be easy for little Lundy to find himself in a strange new place and we’re sure that cuddling with Herman makes the tiny pup feel much better.

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Since Herman is living his life to the fullest despite being unable to fly, we’re sure he’s also a good role model for Lundy.

He can give Lundy a sense of hope and comfort while the little pup deals with being partially paralyzed, and show him that anything is possible when you have people who care about you.

Now, enjoy a video of these brave and adorable little friends.