Cheating Husband Tries To Flirt With Married Woman, And She Teaches Him A Lesson He Will Never Forget

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The internet has become the perfect place for cheating husbands and wives to find new people to flirt with. Luckily for us, Love is not lost forever, and there is still people who believe in it.
This conversation between Imgur user littlesb79 and one of her married friends is the proof that we should all still have some fait in humanity.
The first time he tried to flirt with her she politely refused, but after the guy kept going on with his game, things got savage real quickly.
Needless to say, the internet is falling in love with this strong woman.

This is how it all began. She politely turned him down.

When he tried to go on with his flirt, she taught him a great lesson.

Needless to say, people are loving her savage reaction.

Just like this user, we all wish littlesb79 a speedy recovery.