At First I Thought This Was A Normal Chameleon, Then I Took A Closer Look And… Just WOW!

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This image of a chameleon is the reason why we should never believe our eyes at a first sight.
In fact, if you look closer, this isn’t exactly what you thought it was: actually this colorful chameleon is made of two painted women!

This incredibly piece of art is made by Italian bodypaint artist Johannes Stötter, a real master in tricking the viewer’s eyes.
It took Johannes and his assistant about 6 hours to paint the body of the two models. They had to carefully hide the bodily features of the subjects, creating realistic highlights and shadows that could trick the viewers into thinking they are observing the photo of an actual chameleon.
Well, the trick worked perfectly on us!

More info on Johannes Stötter: | Johanne’s Facebook (h/t: Boredpanda)