11 celebrities and their hilarious Russian look alikes. #4 is just identical… LOL!

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Did you ever wonder if there’s somebody looking exactly like you somewhere in this world? With around 7 billion people living on this planet, there are concrete possibilities for all of us to have some sort of doppelganger.

Celebrities live under a magnifying glass, and with so many people observing their lives, it’s more difficult for their look alikes to stay out of sight.
Here are 11 celebrities and their counterparts from Russia. Some of them are incredibly similar (and weird).

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1. Leonardo DiCaprio and unknown drunk man


2. Jason Statham and unknown man chewing meat


3. Harrison Ford and Russian doppelganger


4. Eminem and his Russian counterpart


5. Chris Hemsworth his Russian look alike


6. Bruce Willis


7. Milla Jovovich and her Russian look alike


8. Hugh Laurie


9. Dolph Lundgren


10. Jack Nicholson and wasted Russian man


11. Chuck Norris and his Russian look alike waiting for a tram

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