Cat’s Favorite Sleep Companion Is A Box Of Strawberries

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When cat-mom Carly Cox came home from the store one day, she was surprised to find her little furbaby showing an intense interest in her groceries.

Soon, she discovered that it was a pack of strawberries that were singing their siren song in Remus’s ear.

For some reason, the 10-year-old kitty seemed utterly fascinated by the carton of red, juicy berries.

Carly Cox

Unsure whether strawberries are safe for cats, Cox confiscated the box and called her sister who happens to be a vet.

Cox’s sister said that it was perfectly okay for Remu’s to play with the strawberries, and so Cox gave the box back to him.

Carly Cox

When he received the box of strawberries, Remus was overjoyed.

But it wasn’t a sudden craving for something sweet and fruity that drew Remus to the berries; he didn’t seem interested in eating them. Instead, he just wanted to rub against them and toss them in the air like little playthings.

Carly Cox

Now, the strawberries have become his obsession and he prefers them over any other type of toy.

He will rub against them and play with them all day and when he gets tired he snuggles up next to them and sleeps with them.

Carly Cox

Having a pack of strawberries as a security blanket may seem odd, but there might be a scientific explanation behind Remus’s strange choice of bed companion; some people theorize that strawberries and catnip are distant relatives!

Whatever the case may be, it seems like Remus isn’t alone in his obsession.