Cat Sneaks Into Malaysian University Classroom During Lecture, Falls Asleep Out Of Boredom

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Elynna Hashri, a student at International Islamic University in Malaysia, was going through one of her usual class lectures when something unusual happened. The students suddenly burst into laughter when a tubby little cat joined them in class, and listened intently for 30 minutes straight. The lecture probably didn’t seem too interesting for the cat, so he decided to just fall asleep on a desk. The students didn’t mind him sleeping in class, but they just couldn’t let this delightful moment skip the worthy Twitter attention. When Hashri tweeted the a picture of the cat, it easily went viral, as expected, and every University student couldn’t stop relating to the cat’s classroom experience. That’s how another cat just shook the whole Twitter universe with its innocence and charm.

It was a usual day at class for University student Elynna Hashri, when a cat decided to join in.

After 30 minutes of paying attention to the lecture, he just had to take some well-deserved sleep.

Elynna Hashri tweeted a picture of the cat in class and it got quite a few retweets from people who could relate to the cat’s classroom experience.

The class needed some cheering up, we know for sure the cat knew that.