Cat Saved From Shelter Finds His “Brother From Another Mother”, And Is Now Obsessed With It

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It was June 26th when rescue came for the little kitten named Unagi. When a woman saw on a website that a kitty, looking exactly like her cat Suzume, was at at the animal control center in Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan, where kittens can only stay for a week, she knew she had to adopt him. Just on the day of deadline, she took a day off at work, hit the road at 4:30 AM, and went to give him new home. When Unagi arrived home, Suzume was very excited to know him. Not long after their acquaintance, they formed a brotherly bond and they became inseparable. Suzume is a very caring brother to Unagi, he is a rescue cat too, and knows that Unagi needs just love and care. Scroll down to see some photos of this adorable tandem and take a look at their Instagram for more.

Meet Unagi, the kitten who found rescue on the same day he was going to face death row.

Gladly, Unagi now has a family and a brother that looks just like him.

At first, Unagi felt scared and he just stayed in the carrier.

Just like Unagi, Suzume was also a rescue kitten so he knew exactly how to treat his new brother.

When the two first saw each other, they just greeted each other from a distance.

But after Suzume’s efforts of making Unagi feel at home, they finally became comfortable with each other.

Suzume just can’t wait to know Unagi more, and so they spent so much time doing everything together.

Unagi always follows Suzume around that they both no longer knew about the word ‘privacy’.

No matter how small the space is, Unagi will squeeze himself in.

Bath time, cuddle time, and play time is always bonding time for both of them.

Unagi may seem a little to clingy at times, but Suzume never minds.

They totally love each other’s company.

And they will always be there for each other just like real brothers.