Stray Cat Photobombs News Segment And Reporter Can’t Stop Laughing About It

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Cats are notorious for demanding attention.

They sprawl out over our crosswords, position themselves right in front of our TVs, drape themselves over our laptops and not-so-gently nudge our books out of our hands.

But this little kitty took it one step further. Instead of blocking the view of the TV, he went straight for the source and tried to get on air.

Reporter Artur Lira was in the middle of reporting on an arrest when a black and white cat decided that its access to head scratches was more important than any news story.

The stray was known to hang around the police station and the policemen would regularly leave food for him, but now he seemed to have decided that his days as a stray were over.

He wanted undivided love and attention, and Lira was going to give it to him!

The determined kitty made Lira laugh out loud as he bent to its demands, but a quick cuddle only left the kitty wanting more.

The cat kept wanting attention and even popped up in the back of the news van like the world’s cutest jack-in-the-box. Lira just couldn’t contain his laughter; the cat was too adorable and funny.

Lira, charmed by the insistent little photobomber, ended up naming the cat Frajola Delegato and taking him home with him. Lira then found a forever home for the lovable stray in the home of his aunt, Josineide Guedes Lira.

Lira reported on his Facebook that his aunt has a big garden for Frajola to run around and play in and that the aunt lives close by so Lira will be able to come and visit his cuddly friend very often.

Watch the hilarious footage of Lira and Frajola meeting for the first time in the video below: