Cat Paw Makeup Brushes Are A Thing Now, And Cat Ladies Couldn’t Be Happier

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If you’ve ever stared at a cat’s adorable little paw and marvelled at the fact that something so simple can be so cute, you’re not alone.

The internet has been obsessed with cats’ precious little paws and squishy toe beans for a very long time now; there’s just something so sweet about their tiny paws than make you wish that more things in life were so beautiful.

Well it seems like we’re in luck, because as it turns out, there are cat-paw makeup brushes!

Cats Meöw
Cats Meöw

Cats Meöw is selling these precious, pink makeup brushes which are shaped like a kitty’s paw.

With these cute brushes, applying your makeup may become your favourite part of the day.

Cats Meöw
Cats Meöw

The brushes aren’t just cute – they’re super soft and fluffy too.

The brushes are also retractable, which makes it easy to bring them with you when you’re out and about  – perfect for when you need a touch-up on the go!

The brushes can be used for powdering your face, or for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter.

Cats Meöw
Cats Meöw

The little paws will surely put a smile on your face, and the soft bristles will feel great on your skin.

These brushes, which you can find at Shoppee Singapore, are perfect for all us cat lovers.

Now we just need kitty versions of all the other items in our makeup bags!

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