Cat Owners Can Finally Buy Half Christmas Trees For Their Cats Who Like To Destroy Christmas

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Every year, cat owners strain themselves during Christmas season, trying to figure out a way to finally enjoy the sight of an upright Christmas tree, untouched by their fluffy Christmas destroyers. We are well aware that it’s not their fault, Christmas trees just look so attractive, filled with shiny, dangling, and attack-worthy things any cat can’t resist.
As a result, someone came up with a seemingly “cat-proof” Christmas tree, with no branches halfway down (in case you are interested, it’s available here).
Will this finally be the long-awaited solution to this feline Christmas conspiracy, or will this just be another reason for cats to judge our life decisions? Scroll down below, and let’s find out.

We all love our cats, and we are definitely willing to forgo anything just for their crazy schemes, even if it means giving up our Christmas tree dreams.

Many would agree that cats and Christmas trees don’t go well together, but we believe there could be a win-win solution here.

Introducing, the cat-proof tree of every cat-owner’s dreams (available here). It looks a bit odd, but as long as it makes Christmas a bit more peaceful, we’ll make it work.

It’s still decorative, as you can see from this DIY version of the original half tree you’ve seen above. You can put up colorful lights and ornament, and you don’t even have to worry about filling up the whole tree, but most importantly, it’s far from your crafty cat’s reach.

If by any means you own a more devious cat, you can resort to the naked tree.

But if you wanna make clear who the most crafty person in the house is, you definitely have to try this. Hang your tree on the ceiling, and watch your cat’s brain bolts loosen every time they stare.

Or maybe you want to keep it low-key, go ahead cage your tree, and let your cat know his limits.

You can also never go wrong with a faux tree, this way you’ll never have to worry about it getting knocked off the ground every time they attack.

However, if all else fails, just give up, because you know what, they’ll never stop and they’ll never run out of ways to get above you, and beyond you. Better yet, accept defeat because cats always win.

Just celebrate your cat’s cunning prowess along with the season, and thank them for their presence, that makes Christmas extra special, just a bit troublesome, but nonetheless special.

Or maybe you can just let them enjoy a good mind tease with this: