Stray Cat Loses Ears To Infections, Kind Woman Gets Her New Crocheted Ones To Help Her Find A Forever Home

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A woman’s kind heart and skilled hands have given a cat her confidence back and a new shot at life.

Ash Collins, who works with the Dane County Humane Society, got creative when one of the cats in their care had to have her ear flaps removed.

The cat, named Lady in a Fur Coat, suffered from chronic infection and hematomas that eventually meant that the external portion of her ears had to be removed to relieve her of the pain they caused.


However, in order to “keep [Lady in a Fur Coat] looking stylish” (as DCHS phrased it in their Facebook post), Ash Collins put her crocheting skills to good use and fashioned a new pair of ears for Lady!

The result is absolutely adorable. She looks a bit like she could be one of the characters on a popular tv show like Adventure Time or Bob’s Burgers.


And her cute new look seems to have been effective.

Tons of supportive comments started rolling in after DCHS posted about Lady on their Facebook page and just one day later the post was updated with the news that Lady had found her new forever home!

Lady didn’t just receive a massive amount of loving comments following the DCHS’s Facebooks post; she also received a new family!

This was great news for Lady and all the supporters she’d amassed in such a short time.

People were so pleased to see this beautiful (with and without the hat!) and affectionate cat loved and appreciated.

We all wish this stylish little kitty all the best in her wonderful new life!