Cat Looking For A Forever Home Waves At Everyone Who Passes By Him At Shelter

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Mayhem is a loving, charismatic and playful ginger tabby who lives at Lollypop Farm in Fairport, New York.

The 2-year-old kitty has charmed everyone at the animal welfare centre and to keep the highly energetic kitty happy, staff has given him his own room and filled it with toys, towers and cardboard boxes galore.

But although Mayhem appreciates all the love and affection he’s receiving, the sweet kitty only wants one thing; to find a forever family.

And he’s decided to get proactive about it.


The door leading into Mayhem’s room is made out of glass, and he’s always keeping an eye out for people walking past.

Whenever he spots a person walking by, he paws at the glass and waves at them as if he’s asking them to come in and play.


There’s nothing Mayhem loves more than playing with humans, and he’s always luring people into his room for some intense play sessions.

“Mayhem loves to play with cat toys, especially the kind that are on a wand with a string,” Lollypop Farm told Love Meow.


Mayhem is a very active cat and requires a lot of stimuli to keep happy, and staff is constantly making time to give him the affection, attention and playtime he craves.

But Mayhem’s longterm goal is reeling in a forever family.


Mayhem moved to Lollypop Farm in June after being abandoned by his previous family.

But despite being betrayed in that way, Mayhem never gave up on love.


Shortly after arriving at Lollypop Farm, Mayhem was adopted. Unfortunately, he turned out to be too active for his new family and had to be returned to Lollypop Farm.

But both Mayhem and the Lollypop Staff are convinced that his perfect family is out there.


Mayhem has so much love to give, and he’s going to make the perfect kitty for a family who will find joy in keeping him active and entertained.

Mayhem is sure to breathe life into any home, and keep his new family happy and amused.


For now, Mayhem will keep waving at everyone passing his room, hoping to catch the attention of his future mommy or daddy.

We’re sure that he’ll find his forever home soon  – especially since Lollypop Farm has published an adorable video of the waving kitty and thus increased his reach by a lot.

Just look at that gorgeous little boy.