Cat Figures Out Owner Doesn’t Appreciate Dead Mice And Birds As Gifts, Finally Starts Bringing Giant Leaves Instead

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Just like wild cats, domestic cats also hunt for preys like mice and birds. The only difference is, domestic cats are fond of sharing their hunt with their owners. This experience was not new to Ben, a cat owner who regularly found himself rejecting dead and live creatures that Baloo, his cat, offered him. “She always looked so confused and sad, which made me feel pretty bad,” Ben told the Dodo. Luckily, Baloo was quick to catch on Ben’s preferences, so instead of bringing home cringe-worthy gifts, after a couple of months she decided to switch it up to big, and nice looking leaves, and it was such an appreciated change for Ben, “It was such a relief from the live mice every morning that I would show my gratitude by taking the leaf and playing with it while she sat on my chest.” However, after recently moving to a less hunt-friendly home, Baloo seemed to shift from gift-hunting to just giving lots and lots of snuggles for Ben, and it was more than what Ben could ever ask for. To see more of Ben and Baloo’s adventures, head on to their Instagram account.

Meet Ben’s adorable cat, Baloo.

Being a hunter by nature, she regularly brings home live creatures for Ben.

Live mice were some of Baloo’s preys during her morning hunting spree.

Baloo would often look confused and sad whenever Ben rejected the gifts she brought him.

So instead of bringing home mice, she started looking for big, nice leaves for her human.

Every morning, Baloo would hunt for the perfect leaf and give it to Ben.

To keep it exciting, Baloo sometimes switches it up to twigs instead of the typical leaf.

The change from dead mice and birds to leaves was such an appreciated change for Ben.

Now that they have moved to aless hunt-friendly home, Baloo keeps showing her appreciation for Ben, not with gift-hunting this time, but with lots and lots of quality snuggle time.

And for Ben, that was more than what he could ever ask for.