Forget about coffins: these burial pods will turn us into a tree when we die

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Some things have never changed for centuries, becoming part of the human culture.

We grew up knowing that once we die we will be buried in a coffin or alternatively be cremated and become ashes.

Things always went like this for centuries, but there are two people in Italy who are trying to change burial as we know it, proposing a whole new burial process. We are talking about Capsula Mundi’s Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel, two designers who came up with an eco-friendly alternative to coffins and urns.

Their idea is to bury the deceased into eco-sustainable burial capsules and use the body as nutrients for a tree or plant previously chosen while the person was still alive.

This way people could have the opportunity to be “turned into trees” when their life ends, and in the future mourners could go and visit their loved ones in a sacred forest instead of a cemetery.

Right now this revolutionary idea by Anna Citelli and Raoul Bretzel is just a concept, since laws in Italy forbid this kind of burials, but thinking that our life could be some way “extended” after our departure is without any doubt romantic.

Capsula Mundi is an Italian company that came up with the original idea of being buried in eco-friendly burial pods instead of coffins


The idea behind these burial pods is that we should go back where we came from.


Basically, the body is seated in fetal position into the pod, and a seed is planted above it.


This allows the roots of the plant to soak nutrients and grow.


We will have the opportunity to choose our favorite plant while still alive, and once deceased our body will become its nutrients.


This way mourners will visit sacred forests instead of cemeteries.