Brilliant Mirrors Reveal The Hidden Sides Of The Selfie Culture

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Everyone is in constant pursuit of success in life. Whether it is a degree, wealth, or other accomplishments, social media plays the role of broadcasting it to the world. However, many have been faking it, as it is so easy to restrict content we post online. This has been the concept of the selfie culture, faking it while hiding reality behind the screens. In relation to this fact, Colombian artist Camilo Matiz dedicated his artwork series called “Here Not There” to this selfie culture. It involves a series of light sculptures that display a message to the viewer but reflect the true message through the mirror behind. Altogether, it is a meaningful and metaphorical message to this generation. Take a look at the gallery below toes Matiz’s series, and don’t forget to check out Avant Gallery for more of his work.
(h/t: sobadsogood)