Bride Throws Plush Cat Instead Of Bouquet To See Who’d Be The Next Person To Adopt A Cat

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This cat-loving bride decided to update the tradition of throwing a bouquet at the wedding in order to make it more inclusive and put her personal spin on it.

Instead of throwing a bouquet to her single girlfriends to predict who’d get married next, Karen Marmo threw a plushie “Pusheen” cat; all guests were free to try and catch it and the idea was that whoever caught the cat would be the next person in line to adopt a kitty of their own.

Karen Marmo

Marmo herself already has two beautiful cats at home and she thought this would be a fun way to reference her passion for cats and give everyone an opportunity to take part in the wedding tradition.

Karen Marmo

Marmo’s guests were all on board with her fun personal twist on an old tradition and many eager guests took to the floor as Marmo prepared to throw the Pusheen.

Then, suddenly, it was soaring through the room.

Karen Marmo

Many eager hands reached for the flying kitty and Marmo excitedly looked to see who would be next in line to bring a little furbaby into their home.

Karen Marmo

However, in a humorous twist of events, Marmo’s friend Emma accidentally ended up catching the plushie – despite being allergic to cats.

Since her friend wouldn’t be able to adopt a cat, Marmo decided to make a donation to a local shelter instead, she revealed to the Dodo.

Karen Marmo

Despite the unexpected result, everyone had a great time and the local shelter got some good exposure.

Hopefully, other people become inspired by Marmo’s clever kitty-toss and give it a go at their own weddings.

After all, what could be a better tradition for a wedding than promoting love, spreading joy, and growing families?