You thought your job was great? Forget about it, this guy has the best job ever… WOW!

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There are a lot of great jobs in the world, employments that just don’t feel like working, but I’m sure that no one of these dream jobs could ever get closer to the “Chief Funster”.

A Chief Funster is basically hired to travel and have fun, and that is exactly what Andrew Smith, a lucky Californian, will do during a six month span in New South Wales, Australia.
In case you are wondering, the pay is not so bad as well, since Andrew will earn $93,000 in just six month!

Andrew won a contest part of an event to promote New South Wales as the perfect travel destination for young people, and all Andrew will have to do during his stay in NSW is trying all the kinds of fun and enjoying Australia, promoting it as a fun holiday destination.

The lucky guy will be really busy during his permanence in NSW (it started in mid-december last year), as he will have to collect no less than 820,000 moments of fun in six month (one moment for every square kilometer of the State).

Andrew will have the opportunity to experience all the most exciting things a person can do in NSW, such as skydiving, abseiling mountains, trying all kind of sports, travel to amazing places and taking part to exclusive events.

“My schedule through to the end of June is jam-packed with great events and travel experiences,” says Andrew “I’m going to be climbing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, swimming with dolphins in Port Stephens, attending the world premiere of Strictly Ballroom: The Musical, and being part of the much anticipated Vivid Sydney Festival.”

You can follow Andrew and the Funster Experiments on this Facebook page.

In the photos below you can take a look at some of the amazing activities Andrew has been experiencing until now.









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