Before & After: Adorable Photo Series Shows Dogs Growing From Puppyhood To Old Age

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Massachusetts-based photographer Amanda Jones has been professionally photographing dogs for 20 years, and recently published a book about her work. The book is called ‘Dog Years: Faithful Friends Then & Now’ and it features black and white photos of dogs from their puppyhood side by side to photos of their senior years. The idea came to her after her beloved dog, Lily, passed away. In the process of creating a memorial card for Lily, she found photos of the dog at various stages of her life. She then scanned through her files for photographs of dogs she photographed years ago, and contacted the owners to ask if she could take their photos again. The book is perfect for dog lovers and for those who are grateful for the unconditional love their furry friends show them everyday. Take a look at Amanda’s wonderful photos below and check out her website for more. You can also follow her on Facebook and Twitter, and get a hold of her book on Amazon.

1. Maddy at age 5 & 10

2. Lily at 8 months & 15 years

3. Fred at age 2 & 10

4. Abigale at 4 months & 8 years

5. Copper at age 3 & 10

6. Rufus at 6 months & 13 years

7. Audrey at 3 years & 12 years

8. Briscoe at 1 year & 10 years

9. Poppy at 1 year & 7 years

10. Corbet at 2 years & 11 years

11. Sydney at 16 and 5 months & Savannah at 10 and 9 years

12. Kayden at 11 months and 5 years & Brodie at 7 and 12 years

13. Maddie at 7 and 6 years & Ellie at 14 and 13 years