Beer Company Puts Photos Of Rescue Dogs On Their Beer Cans To Help Them Find A Forever Home

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Dogs with special requirements can have a hard time finding that perfect foster or forever family.

Through no fault of their own, their specific needs just make the process a bit more complicated, and some end up stuck in shelters for a long time while they watch other pups come and go.

That’s the case for the dogs at the 4 Luv of Dog shelter in Fargo, North Dakota.

Jerad Ryan, a 4 luv of dog volunteer, explained to CNN that there are some dogs at the shelter that are best suited to be the only pet in the home. They call them their ”‘one-der” dogs, and these pups have a difficult time finding new homes.

But a local brewing company has stepped up to the plate and decided to help the misfortunate pups. In collaboration with 4 Luv of Dog, Fargo Brewing Company has put out a limited edition run of beer cans featuring six dogs from the shelter. All six have had trouble finding new homes, but hopefully being featured on the cans will put them on people’s radar and help them get adopted.


The idea initially came from Ryan, who works for a label making company.

Fargo Brewing Company promoted the beer and pups on their Instagram, and also hosted an event for the local community where people could come to the brewery, pick up some puppy themed beer, and meet one of the shelter dogs in person.

The hope is that all this exposure will lead to more people choosing to adopt and that the beautiful one-ders may finally find their new families.

And for one lucky pup, that dream has already come true. Jensen, the Staffordshire bull terrier, has been adopted!

We’re so excited about this great collaboration and wish all the beautiful pups the best of luck.

You can learn more about these lovely dogs down below.

Nyx is a 8 year old Jack Russel Terrier who craves some love and attention


Bizzy is a Boxer mix and loves cuddling.


Jensen has finally found a loving home and we’re so happy for him.


Hobie loves to be outside. He also likes to pretend that he’s a lap dog.


Moby is a senior dog and loves to “help” with household chores like vacuuming or mowing.


Virginia is a sweet and quiet girl but has been in the rescue for nearly three years now.