Beer Company Gives One Week “Paw-ternity” Leave For Employees Who Get A New Dog

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BrewDog is a brewery that was founded in Scotland and is now operating in both the UK and the US.

BrewDog is on a mission to become “the best company to work for, ever” and with their pup-friendly staff perks, they’re definitely on the right track.

Brewdog has become the first company to offer time off for new pup-parents in both the US and the UK.

On their website, BrewDog states:

“We know that welcoming a four-legged arrival to the family is a big commitment. Gaining trust, housetraining and working out routines take time so we have decided to make things easy by offering Puppy Leave. It’s like Parental Leave, but with more throwing of sticks.”


BrewDogs “paw-ternity” leave means that when an employee brings a new dog into their family, they get one week off work so they can focus on creating a strong bond with their new pup.


Puppies and rescue dogs alike require a lot of time and care when they’re first brought home, so it can be very difficult to balance work and a new pup.

Getting Puppy Parental Leave is an amazing solution and is a total game-changer.


BrewDog also allows its employees to bring their dogs into the office, which also makes life so much easier for both the pups and their humans.

No pup should have to be home alone for too long.


And BrewDog’s pup-friendly policy is not only limited to their offices.

Us normal customers also benefit from their positive approach to dog ownership; every BrewDog bar is dog-friendly, so you don’t have to leave your sweet pup at home if you visit one of their venues.

To learn more, you can take a peek at their Instagram and Facebook.


The response to BrewDog’s announcement of their new Puppy Parental Leave has been overwhelmingly positive and many people applaud BrewDog for recognizing that dogs are not just pets – they’re family.

People from all over the world are praising the company, and some are sharing their own experiences of trying to balance work and a new furry family member and how a plan like this would have helped them and their pups.

It’s great to see such a successful company focus on the wellbeing of their staff and it’s fantastic that they’re recognizing both how valuable and how challenging it can be to add a new pup to the family.

Thanks to BrewDog’s pup-friendly policies, more people will be able to give a pup a home, and we’re sure their staff will be happier than ever.