Awesome Honda’s optical illusion commercial and making of

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Popular Japanese car manufacturer Honda recently released Illusions, a television commercial focused on optical tricks, with the concept explained by the tag line Impossible made possible.

The campaign’s aim is to debunk all the preconceptions about expensive and gas-drinker SUVs by presenting Honda CR-V Diesel as the thrifty, economical Sport Utility Vehicle, retaining though all the perks of a big and comfortable car.

The commercial shows the CR-V making its way through a series of optical illusions, from fake obstacles to false floors, amazing the viewer with all the perspective tricks. We enjoyed this ad a lot and we think that this campaign will be a success, with the message getting straight to the consumers.

Below the commercial video you will also find an interesting “making of” video, with the behind the scenes of all the illusions.

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The commercial

The making of