Aspiring Police Dog Gets Fired For Being Too Cuddly, Immediately Finds An Even Better Job

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Gavel is a German Shepherd who was fired from being a police dog because he was found to be a bit too sociable for the job. Instead of detecting explosives and arresting the bad guys, he preferred making new friends and would rather have play time with people around him. Despite that, we have nothing to worry about because Gavel already got a better job, a job much suited for his temperament. Turns out there’s a perfect place for this friendly and appealing dog, and that is at the Government House of Queensland, where gavel became Queensland’s official Vice-Regal Dog. He even signed a contract that bestows upon him duties, like welcoming guests and tour groups, and attending ceremonial occasions with perks of wearing special uniforms. Check out how Gavel is having a blast at his new job through the Governor of Queensland’s Facebook page.
(h/t: huffingtonpost)

Meet Gavel, the dog who was too friendly and cuddly to become a police dog.

Fortunately, the end of his law enforcement career, paved the way for a better job.

Just after being fired, Gavel was adopted by the Governor of Queensland, Paul de Jersey.

Not only does he get to reside in the Government House of Queensland but he’s also given the position as the official Vice-Regal Dog!

Apparently Gavel is having a blast at his new job.

He’s loving the fact that he gets to do what he loves this time.

Gavel even got to sign a contract officially appointing him as the Vice-Regal Dog of the Government House of Queensland.

As part of his duties, he gets to be as fun and as sociable as he wants to be, but he’s still learning good manners…

His job description includes attending ceremonial occasions…

And welcoming guests and tour groups.

Gavel is doing great at his job and he has been bringing joy at the Government House.

Gavel sure is a reminder that failure isn’t always a bad thing but is always necessary for success.