Artist Perfectly Illustrates The Daily Struggles Of Being A Woman

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Being a woman comes with many of life’s joys but quite a bit of its frustrations as well. And while there are as many types, shapes, and characters of women as there are colors of the rainbow, there are certain things that pretty much most, if not all, women relate to. Things like the hassle of constantly having to shave, grooming the nails, putting on eyeliner, and of course, the highest contributor of discomfort: having to wear the wired, padded, and strapped contraption we call a bra. These and many more little examples of the daily struggles of women are captured so well in Cassandra Calin’s comics. Calin, a 21-year-old Montreal-based graphic artist, creates these based on her own experiences. If you’re a woman or have a woman in your life that may relate to this, read on. You may also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, or Tumblr to keep up with her work.