Architect Converts Old Cement Factory Into A Home

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Leave it to an architect to transform an derelict space into a not only livable, but spectacularly beautiful place to call home. La fabrica was a WWI-era cement factory that was shut down due to the pollution it caused, when Spanish architect Ricardo Bofill spotted it back in 1973. Just like every other visionary artist he saw what could be, not what was at the moment. Bofill and his team began working on repairs and design, and the results are just breathtaking. A perfect melding of industrial charm and modernism, La fabrica now boasts designer interiors and lush green surroundings. Definitely a far cry from the smoky and dusty air that surrounded it ages ago.
(h/t: boredpanda)

I guess we could say it was love at first sight.

Ricardo Bofill bought La fabrica and immediately began to work on repairs

The property is located near Barcelona and was totally different than today

Now, its grounds are covered with lush greens, including grass, eucalyptus, palm, and olive trees

Gone are the days when it was covered in cement powder and smoke

According to Bofill, “The Cement Factory is a place of work par excellence”

The interiors are stunning, with minimalistic yet cozy furniture

The rooms are designed with both function and form in mind

Each with its own purpose and character

Bofill’s staff also uses a portion of the building as a studio

“Life goes on here in a continuous sequence, with very little difference between work and leisure”

“I have the impression of living… in a closed universe which protects me from the outside and everyday life”

According to him, his family enjoys spending time together in the kitchen-dining room

As in the relaxation areas scattered indoors and outdoors around the property

La fabrica is a world of his own

Bofill is still working and improving it day after day

According to Bofill, La fabrica changes as his lifestyle does