This looks just like a plain anti-child-abuse ad, but when you stand in front of it amazing happens

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Child abuse is a horrible issue of our society, and we’ve seen many ads for the prevention of violence against children, but this billboard on display along a sidewalk in South Korea might be the most striking you have ever seen.

At a first sight it looks like a normal anti-child-abuse ad, showing the black, backlit profile of a man threatening a child with a bottle, and a text reading “Child abuse, you can prevent it”, but something different happens when you stand in front of this billboard: people walking on the sidewalk nearby the advertisement will see their own silhouette being projected on the sign, and will have the opportunity to interact with the ad, interfering with the domestic abuse scene.




As you can see, whenever a people intervenes in the scene, a new text appears, featuring the emergency number 112 on a superhero logo and the text “Report to be a hero for children”

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