Amazon Seller Uses AI To Create Phone Cases, But Things Go Hilariously Out Of Hand

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Amazon seller My Handy Design, uses artificial intelligence to create designs for their phone cases, however, as you scroll through its product gallery, it’s evident that things have seriously gone out of hand. The bot is supposed to generate phone cases according to the most searched images in the internet, but they actually look like they came from the mind of some kind of crazy prankster. Results range from the most randomly hilarious, to the most ridiculously inappropriate phone cases you’ve ever seen. Since the news went viral on the web most of these hilarious phone covers disappeared from their store, but you still can check our favorites out in the gallery below.
(h/t: boredpanda)

1. Toilet Paper Tube Collections phone cover

2. Galvanized Steel Wheelbarrow phone cover

3. Asthma Inhaler phone cover

4. Teenage Girl with Pregnancy Test phone cover

5. Armpit Waxing phone cover

6. Man in Wheelchair phone cover

7. Old Woman with Asthma Inhaler phone cover

8. Examining Ear with Otoscope phone cover

9. Botox Injection phone cover